Thursday, 27 October 2016

Gutter Guard your home for Bushfire Season

Leafsmart Looks after 99% of Roof Profiles. 

We are prompt and offer Price guided solutions, We Supply and install Gutter Guard to your roof profile.
Our gutter Guard is popular with Builders and Architects as it compliments the roof profile rather then stand out.
Give us a call or click on the top right for a free quote, get in before Summer and Bushfire season now.

Great ideas, quality products and amazing landscapes.         

For your next project why don't you have a look how others have created their space and get some inspiration for whats on trend.

Houzz doesn't  just give you ideas they can give you contacts, where to source the materials, and it doesn't stop there. 
Houzz shows you the different trends around the world, see if you can tell a job completed in America as opposed to Australia.
Its inspired me and my small backyard project (kids play gym)

Great site !!!

look Leafsmart up while your there....

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Sunday, 25 September 2016

Prepare your checklist for Holidays

Enjoying your Holiday Breaks 

Planning a holiday is not just about finding the right venue, time and money. its about making sure your home is safe against unwelcome visitors, protected from fire hazards, as well prepared for unexpected.

If your going to travel overseas, to beautiful Queensland, Islands off The Australian Coast, to your regular family holiday Home on the Central Coast or Further North to Newcastle and beyond.
Having a checklist helps to ensure your  home is taken care of. This is my essential list as a guide,Yours may be different.
A list helps you prepare and gives you piece of mind. No more worrying whether you have turned off the IRON!!


1. Trim trees and overhanging branches get the Leaf Guard that you have been putting off.

2. Check your Booking for Rover in his regular kennel
3. Mow your lawn
4. Clean out your Gutters and Downpipes.
5. Make sure your mail is collected regularly by a neighbour
6. Cancel subscriptions
7. If your going to be gone for more than a month, make sure a friend or relative comes around and tidies up around your home, empties the pool or fills the pool if its been a dry few Summer weeks.
8. Make sure your alarm system is working
9. Make sure your outdoor security cameras have new batteries in them if
10. Empty the fridge
11. Pay all upcoming bills ahead of time
12. TURN off the iron, lights switches if needed, or turn off electricity,
13.Walk around your home and take note of anything else that needs doing
14. Place valuables that you cannot live without in a safe place.

15. Fill the Car with Gas and your ready to go..with peace of mind.

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Summer reduce Fuel for Fire

Cleanup for Summer

Please see video below:

The last few months have encouraged growth of tall grasses, small bushes and trees. Which means this  coming summer has plenty of Fuel for Fire. 
As a responsible home owner you need to make sure your home is fire protected, as this will lower your chance of becoming a statistic of fire damage. 
We have not had these conditions for years in Australia, the fire departments are concerned, as should you as a home owner, especially those living in rural fire prone areas.

  • Give your homes the best chance to survive a fire.
  • Clear out your gutters, 
  • Clear around your home of leaf litter and tall overgrown shrubs and grasses.
  • Keep all exit points clear and accessible. 
  • Have an exit plan, 
  • Call you local Fire department for guidelines around your home and suburb.
  • Be prepared

Your roof is vulnerable with embers being able to travel for miles. 
The first choice in your Gutter Guard needs to be a fire rated product for your homes roof. 

For more information Call or Email Leafsmart



Sunday, 28 August 2016

Spring is nearly Here

Spring is Here 

Getting your Home and Garden ship shape is easy, if you have been maintaining throughout the year , if not it may be a bit more work, so you could do with a bit of help to get back on track, which a lot of us do.

Get some help from Trades who know what they are doing.
Do the easy work such as raking of leaves cleaning driveways and pruning shrubs yourself and enlist qualified trades to do everything else. Spring is here and you do need to get things done now. Call Leafsmart for a free quote and well help you in any way we can.

We will Clean out your Gutters, check for blockages, If you need
Gutter Guard we will give you a quote,
Do you have a problem with Birds nesting or vermin? Leafsmart can help with this also.
Do you live in the Newcastle or Sydney Areas we have a man near you. Call us now on 0404830648
Leafsmart your Home we don't just do Gutter Guards

A testimonial from a satisfied customer

I have recently had the gutters on my home fitted with Leaf Smart Gutter Guard, and it was Julian Heslop who came to give me a quote. After he worked out the cost, and I was very happy at the price. Julian said " you have two branches over your house from your neighbour tree, I will cut these back for you , also I noticed the lead flashing has come out of your chimney, I will fix this also, at no extra cost to you. Julian cleaned out the guttering before he applied the Gutter Guard, and he did an excellent job.  I found Julian a very friendly person, easy to talk to, and very obliging. I have no hesitation in recommending him and Leaf Smart Gutter Guard.
Regards Barry 

Before and After

Sunday, 26 June 2016

July and August,

The windy wintery months: In the early winter months, problems with vermin, excess leaves and branches falling, can get on top of you.. keep reading for simple steps to get on top of this now.

  • Look up: Check for weak points in tree branches around your home. Look for any safety issues where children play or where cars are parked. The last thing you want is for heavy branches to cause damage or worse.
  • Sweep, rake and blow:Keep your paved area free from leaves that can become slippery with cold rain, 
  • Slippery when wet: Your paved area and driveway can get mossy as well which could mean falls got to your nearest hardware store to advice you on the best product for this.

Be aware of these challenges around time of the year, keep on top of cleaning chores around the home.

  • Roofer: Get a Roofer to check for leaks after a heavy bout of rain and wind this can effect your especially tiles and shingles.

Guttering gutter Guard: Make sure your guttering is not clogged with leaves or branches that may effect drainage away from your home.this would be a good time to install gutter guard to your roof.

Vermin and Birds, Yes its that time again when vermin birds want to take refuge in your nice warm roof. 
Keep them out with a Steel Gutter Guard that they cannot chew or claw through. If they get in you may not get rid of them until the warmer months, so in this case, prevention is better that cure.

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Don't take chances Preparing for Autumn

Autumn is here, the weather is becoming cooler

How to prevent accidents on Roofs and around the home
- Get a Professional :
1.Gutter Guard Installer, 
2.Roof Plumber and 
3.Vermin Pest controller for your Autumn needs, unless you are trained in safety, the Cooler months are not a good idea to start taking risks roofs and surrounding areas become slippery.
Spring and Summer have gone..... Hello Autumn!

After the heat and perfect plant growing conditions of Spring- Summer 2015-2016 The continuous mowing and gardening of the last few months is coming to an end or slowing down at least.

I Welcome Autumn this year and know I'm not alone. It took a long time to come around this year.
Now, what is in your Autumn to do list?

Autumn to do list,? ....
  • Trim those vines and shrubs back
  • Get the hedges looking great
  • Clear downpipes and roofs of leaf litter and debris
  • Check all drains outside your home are working properly 
  • Check for roof leaks
  • Check around roof for potential vermin entry Points (thats right it is Rat, Mouse and Vermin time)
  • Clean out and treat pool for cooler months, think about buying a pool cover to help with leaf fall.

Autumn is also Accident time

  • Be careful, roofs are slippery, dewy and mossy and will get more so now that Autumn is here.
  • Don't take chances.
  • Get a trained professional to do it for you, get a guarantee where possible for the work done. 

Sunday, 6 March 2016


Shinning the light on your Rights


A realistic Warrantee on building and construction work including work on homes or related, is 7 - 10 years.

With most buildings 7 years being the mark.

Some Companies or independent ABN holders are offering related jobs warrantees of over 20 years !
Various Builders associations and other organisation, agree this type of warrantee is unrealistic.
Personally I am more likely to believe a Companies good will if they have been trading for over 10 years, when their reputation is important to them.

So buyers beware warrantees are not always written in stone, they are however a very convincing way to win over your custom, maybe from a more genuine Company.

1. Please think carefully, is it a new Company or business offering these unrealistic warrantees? and is the business still going to be in around for the given warrantee that is being offered?

( Most new businesses fail within the first 5 years. )
( Ask how long their company has been going?) Not how long they have been working in the industry, but how long the Company that is giving the Warrantee has been in business for.

Question: How long has this Company been going for,???

a) Write it down, and
b) Do your research. (Hint) ASIC easy

2. Are they going to still be trading,???

3. So Please use common sense.
Sometimes in trying to get the best deal, customers forget common sense, if the deal is too good to be true, it most likely is.